There are over 120 people called James Cree in the Database but using this Search box below you can specify other details such as a birth date or place name in connection with a person's name. This should help you go straight to the right James Cree!

The Search facility supports two wildcard characters, "?" and "*". The "?" character matches any single character, and "*" matches any string of characters. So, for example, the pattern "wood" will match a surname of "Wood", but not "Atwood" or "Woodbury". The pattern "wood*" will match "Wood" or "Woodbury", but not "Atwood". The pattern "*wood*" will match "Atwood", "Wood", and "Woodbury".The pattern "C*e" will match Cree or Crie or Chree (but not Cray).

Remember that in the results page, the names are all in GOLD type showing that they are links to the details page of the person named.


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