Indexes of CREE Births and christenings, Marriages and Deaths - Scotland

These are downloadable lists of Cree records extracted by Trevor Cree from the Old Parochial Registers Index (OPRI) and the Civil Registrations indexes in the General Register Office, Edinburgh. The lists contain basic information about each birth, marriage and death.

For further details of the event it may be necessary to purchase a full copy of the register entry. These can be ordered from the General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) or from the Scotlands People web site. Certificates can also be obtained from local Register Offices.

The Old Parochial Registers recorded births and marriages (but very few deaths) before 1855. For a few parishes the records go back to the early Seventeeth Century. The amount of information included is sparse. For births it almost always includes the date of the birth and name of the person and their father and the parish of the birth. The mother's name is often included too. For marriages the parents' names are usually given and marriages were often recorded in both the bride's and the groom's parish, with an interval of a week or more between. If you locate an event of interest in th OPR lists then a facsimile image of the record taken from the original register can be ordered on-line at the Scotlands People web site.

From 1855, all BMDs were recorded and indexed centrally and the indexes includes basic information such as year of the event, the person's full name, the Registration District and the General Register Office reference. From 1929, birth indexes include the mother's maiden name and marriage indexes the spouse's surname. Death indexes from 1866 include the age at death and from 1974 the deceased person's mother's maiden name.

Downloads - .xlsx format spreadsheets

1. Scottish Old Parochial Registers (pre-1855)

These are indexes of pre-1855 Cree records.

Scotland OPRI Births, 1612 to 1855
Scotland OPRI Marriages, 1619 to 1855

2. Civil Registrations 1855-1990

These are searchable indexes of Cree records from 1855 to 1990.

Scotland Births, 1855 to 1990
Scotland Marriages, 1855 to 1990
Scotland Deaths, 1855 to 1990

3. Catholic Christening Records

This is a list of christenings that took place in Roman Catholic churches from 1856 to 1868. The birth date is normally given in addition to the christening date.

Catholic Christening Records, 1856 to 1868

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