Robert Cree and Janet Hamilton were married in Ireland and migrated to the USA in the late 1760s with at least seven of their ten children. The youngest child (Hamilton Cree) was definitely born in Cumberland County. They were Methodists. We believe that Robert was a son of Robert Cree of Ballycastle, County Down, Ireland (1693-1756) whose grave is at Newtownards, County Down.

The Cree descendants of Robert Cree and Janet Hamilton have been thoroughly researched by Robert H Cree of Huntingdon, PA, who is our source for most of the information on all the Pennsylvania lines.

Note that two other Cree families lived close to this one in Pennsylvania at various times but are not closely related. Any connection between them pre-dates their migration to America. Genealogies have been published claiming that William Cree the son of Robert Cree was the same person as William Cree of Muddy Creek. This is incorrect as Robert H Cree has shown in his article The Crees of Greene County - a discussion of the relationship between Robert Cree Sr of Cumberland Township, Greene County, PA, and William Cree Sr of Jefferson Township, Greene County, PA

The other lines are the Muddy Creek line who also lived in Greene Co., and the Huntingdon County line who had previously lived in Cumberland County.

See also the Detailed Genealogy of the line of Robert Cree Sr of Cumberland Township which is based on research over a period of nearly sixty years by Robert H. Cree of Huntingdon, PA.