What is the Cree Genealogy Database?

It is virtually an encyclopaedia of all known individuals who have borne the surname Cree - plus their immediate families. It stores biographical details of every person, including their relationships to their immediate families and distant ancestors and/or descendants. There are Off-line and On-line versions of the Database.

An ambitious aim of the Cree One-Name Study is to reconstruct the family trees and ancestries of every Cree individual who has ever lived. The Cree Off-line Genealogy Database, containing details of over 11000 individuals (as at October 2016), is the heart of the project, storing all the data that has so far been collected.

The Cree On-line Database is updated at least monthly from the Off-line database. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, details of persons still living are not shown in the On-line version of the Database.

The Cree On-line Genealogy Database is here in the Database Section of this Cree Surname website where it can be viewed, searched and links followed from generation to generation. Over 10,000 pages are generated automatically from the off-line database, and can be accessed through the various indexes and charts listed in the Database Section menu. For full details of the finding tools, please see How to find people in the Cree Genealogy Database.