How to find people in the Cree Genealogy Database

Use the various indexes listed under Database on the left. These include a surname index and, a place index.

Use the Cree Lines and Charts pages if you have an idea of which Cree descent line they belong to. This gives a list of over twenty main surname lines and branches, with links to full Line charts of these lines. There are also "Mini-charts" of 4 or 5 generations for parts of some lines. When you have found a "person of interest" in a chart you can click on the name to show their Person Details in the Database.

Aside from the Cree Online Genealogy Databse, there are Lists that you can search in the Lists Section of this web site. These consist of Cree entries abstracted from public indexes of records such as births, marriages and deaths. There is some coverage of such records from Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Exploring family relationships

Once you have located someone's Person Details, you can explore their ancestry and relationships by clicking on the names of their parents, spouse(s) or children. A plus sign (+) against a child's name means that the child also has a child or children in the Database. You can then click on a child's name to bring up their Person Details.

Pedigree Click on this symbol in the Person Details to see a four-generaton ancestry tree. The links under "Charts" lead to full Line charts or shorter Mini-charts. The full Line charts will take you back to the earliest known ancestor. The short charts ("Mini-charts") show just 4 or 5 generations with more details. Names on the charts are all clickable links leading to the Person Details of the indviduals named.

If you've been here before and made a note of someone's ID number, use the green QUICKSEARCH boxes on various pages of this website to go straight to their Person Details.

Errors and omissions

The web pages almost certainly contain omissions and errors and thus will always be in a process of development. IT IS REQUESTED that no attempt be made to submit the data to any large-scale data bank or online website.

If you access this data and find it interesting or relevant to your own family history, please email me and let me know. I would also welcome notification of any errors in this web site or further Cree genealogical information that you may have.

Copyright Notice

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We are always pleased to receive further information to add to the Cree Genealogy Database.