The Cree On-line and Off-line Genealogy Databases

The Cree Off-line Genealogy Database is maintained using The Master Genealogist (TMG) software and is not avaiable for viewing. It stores information on all known Cree individuals who are related to one of twenty or so main Cree lines, together with their close non-Cree relatives. It was created in April 2007 by amalgamating eleven separate databases and we are continuing to add additional lines. The Cree On-line Genealogy Database shown on this Cree Surname web site is generated by an automatic process (using the Second Site software) from the Off-line Database which is not publicly accessible.

The Cree On-line Genealogy Database aims to show the ancestries of all Cree individuals world-wide (subject to our Privacy Policy) as far as those ancestries have been researched or communicated to us. As far as possible the source of each piece of information is included so that other researchers, now or in the future, may verify the genealogies. Some relationships are a matter of conjecture at present. We have indicated this where appropriate. For help with using the genealogies please click the How to use menu item on the left.


c: circa (approximately). British births marriages and deaths are listed in the official indexes for a particular Quarter. These have been entered with the abbrevaition c for circa and the middle month of the Quarter. c with a month is therefore a date that is at most one month in error.

Reg Dist: Registration District.

+ after a name in List of Children indicates that this person also had children.